Tuesday, February 5, 2013

WWE '13

Rating for this Game: 9.2

Happy Price: 49.99


I remember when I played WWF Attitude in 1998 on the PSX. I had this idea of what a wrestling game should be, what I wanted to see and do in a game. WWE '13 has finally fulfilled that idea. This is the most complete wrestling game I've ever played.

WWE Attitude Mode: This mode is the closest thing to a campaign mode. You're taken back to 1996 when Bret Hart got screwed out of the title by Vince Mcmahon, and relive all the events up until the conclusion of the attitude era. If you were a wrestling fan during this time, it's one of the best experiences you will have playing a game, and the best experience on a next-gen wrestling game. Each match has different objectives to match what actually took place. For example, the famous hell in a cell with Undertaker and Mankind. In order to get the unlockable, you must throw Mankind off the top of the cell through the announce table. You can spend hours in this mode to unlock everything.

WWE Universe: This mode is oversold on the back cover of the game. The stories generated are quite minuscule and not fulfilling. Essentially you set your own goals of what you want to do, and choose how you want it done. This mode has no restrictions. If you create a wrestler, you can set up a title shot his first match, or choose to fight through the ranks and having the WWE Universe generate the timeline for you. Cut scenes and scenarios are quite repetitive, but you can spend hours in this mode as well. Most of the time you're just waiting for something exciting to happen, but nothing does.


Superstar: Customizing your superstar can take 3 hours alone. There are hundreds if not thousands of items to select from. The layering system allows for creating unique facepaint and tattoos. You can also create your own clothes if you don't like what's provided! After you've created your awesome avatar, you must select the move-set. There are thousands of moves to choose from. This process can take a long time but it's fun to construct a wrestler from the ground up. The option to choose a move set is also available. After the moves are selected, you can create an entrance. Doing all this work makes WWE universe worth playing, even though it lacks creating scenarios for your created superstar.

Matches/Scenarios: You can create your own PPV's, Shows, Arenas, and match styles. For people that love to create worlds  as I once did when I was about 11 and had a huge imagination, this can be very fulfilling. Want to pit Sheamus against Randy Orton? Then have CM Punk interfere, the power to do that is given. You also have the ability to merge Attitude era superstars into the universe. So you can have Stone Cold wreak havoc on all the modern superstars. Knowing I had this ability diminished the fulfillment of when cool things occurred though, because I could have just created them myself. That's the drawback of giving the user this much power without a penalty.


A must buy for a wrestling fan. You can easily spend 40+ hours in this game. Although with THQ being sold their servers haven't been working properly, so online is unstable. This game is selling for 39.99 and well worth it. To beat the Attitude Era and win the WWE championship in WWE universe mode without making drastic changes to it will take over 40 hours. That's $1 an hour to play this game!
I am going to keep this game, plus we don't really know if Yukes will develop the next installment. This is the best one yet, purchase it and hold onto it.

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