Monday, June 1, 2015


Rating For This Game: 4.5/10
Happy Price: $19.99 (On Steam)

This is the game that garnered so much controversy last year with all of its senseless violence, and it fits in perfectly with all of the stereotypes that the older generation dislikes about video games where it is destroying the youth. Ever wanted to know how it feels like to murder countless amounts of unarmed civilians, police officers, and military personnel? Ever wanted to know how it feels like to be an active shooter? Then this is the game for you!


The game doesn't really have an overall story. You are just one dude armed to the teeth just wanting to release all of his anger at the useless "sheep" in the world by depopulating it en-masse. Other than that there is not much else. The voice acting and scripting is nothing to really get excited about. It is just bland.

/*Insert generic speech about how I hate the world and everyone should die here*/


The game plays as a top-down third person shooter. The player's goal is to kill as many people in the map as possible. The player can do this by throwing molotov cocktails, grenades, shooting up gas canisters, and by just shooting people. The early maps in the game are very destructible which can create some pretty hilarious moments when you unleash your destruction. The player does get damaged from explosions, civilians with guns, cops/military shooting the player. The only way the player gains health back is by executing people. This occurs when an NPC is wounded and the player walks up to them and does an execution with a button press. Later on in the game, the player gains body armor which provides a health boost as the player fights more military.

Overall, the game itself is just pretty much bland and doesn't really add anything new to the genre. The destructible environments are fun to mess around with, but there is nothing much else. The gameplay is very repetitive and could get boring pretty quickly. Repetitive gameplay ranges from performing the same executions over and over again to let's just shoot everyone. There aren't any puzzles where you are supposed to stop and think. Also the AI in the game are pretty much dumb and just act casually when you are mowing down their fellow bots. In the end, for so much controversy this game has created during its marketing phase, I felt pretty let down with having just this bland top-down third person shooter.

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