Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Rating: 9/10

Happy Price: Full Price on PC ($25 on Steam), $40 on PS4/XBO

It's Devil May Cry 4, but with a couple extra cutscenes, 5 playable characters, a couple additional features and a new difficulty - Legendary Dark Knight. For a game that was released back in 2008, this sounds pretty underwhelming. Instead of outrage, I am absolutely hyped for everything they've done with this game. Along with Nero and 'Uncle Dante' comes the combination of Lady and Trish, as well as bringing Vergil back from the dead (or maybe they're just telling events that happened ages ago, it's honestly not clear).

The game is just as smooth, if not smoother than it was all those years ago. And though the bonus characters may seem strange at first, they all feel so good to play that it almost feels like cheating. Not to mention the bonus irony of finally getting to play as Lady and fight Dante, while also re-taking control of (a much faster/stronger) Vergil and once again laying down the law on Dante.

Standout points:
In this portion, I will actually talk about the new characters since their different abilities and how they play are rather significant.


When I started playing as Lady, it was strange. Relying more so on guns than swords, since Lady's devil arms (non projectile) moveset is terribly limited. Didn't like it, but as I obtained more moves, I couldn't help constantly getting SSS stylish rankings. Her gameplay style is essentially easier than Nero, though some technical skill is necessary to beat the game. And then switching over to Trish, she's like Dante lite. Her moves are fast, the gunplay is limited, but the things she can do with physical combat are vast. Enemies too far away? Make Sparda snatch them towards you into a spinning bird kick-esque attack. Trap enemies in a Raikousen loop and then continue to wail on them with Sparda. It's easier to get into using techniques like jump cancelling for combos using Trish, but you can't be as overly creative as you can with Dante's multiple styles and weaponry. Overall leaving a lingering note for me wishing more of the characters, even though it was utterly satisfying once I got the hang of their movesets in respect to the rest of the cast.


Vergil's campaign is essentially only him. He has an interesting mix of Nero/Dante in his moveset and therefore is the most complex of the whole cast to play as. To start, vergil doesn't have guns, which means he can use projectiles while using his sword. While at first, his moveset can be overwhelming and easy to get a false sense of "Mash and win," you then have to come to grips that Vergil is a calculated combatant. Each move has to connect, no energy expended, you have to focus along with Vergil. Which brings us to his gimmick. Vergil has a focus meter, which builds on being close to an opponent as well as each connecting attack. If you whiff, get hit or spend time away from enemies, you lose meter. The meter determines how much damage Vergil deals to foes. So the closer and clean you are in your fighting, the easier time you'll have with Vergil, though you still have to be stylish - which is where challenge comes in. Plus since Vergil doesn't have guns, the traditional Devil May Cry "hovering in the air by gunfire" may give newer players a spot of trouble in certain parts of the game. He's the most technical and precise of the characters, since you're actively punished for whiffing attacks as opposed to Dante (even though Dante is probably actually the most technical of the cast.

Would I buy it?
I love the Devil May Cry series, so...

Should you buy it?

Yes, the same problems from before exist where you're backtracking halfway through the game. That's why it's not perfect. It's an amazing introduction into the Devil May Cry experience and with so many characters to play as, it's definitely worth the price.

As far as playing through the game, I would say start playing as Nero up until they switch off to Dante. Then play as Lady and Trish, then Dante, then Vergil. That way you build up the use of utilizing tech, understanding of bosses and certain play-styles and then display an ultimate mastery of the game's mechanics.

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