Thursday, June 2, 2016


Rating: 8.5
Happy Price: 9.99


When you move, time moves. When you don't move, time moves very slowly. Bullets move very fast, so not moving for long periods of time is not a smart thing to do, but the game provides enough time to evaluate each situation. However, it's up to you on executing your plan which is harder than it sounds when you think time stops and you have a gun in your hand. 


When time is moving at a normal pace, your brain can predict where or how something is going to move based on trajectory and direction. However in SUPERHOT this perception we take for granted goes away. When time stops, bad guys stop as well even while in a full sprint. Shooting where a bad guy stands is a sure miss, since they are running. Instead you must look at their feet or hips to determine what direction they are running in, and somehow have to determine how fast they are going so you can aim properly. This is balanced by having one bullet shatter bad guys, because two shots would be far too difficult.


Only red, white, and black are the colors used along with some nice lighting. The models themselves appear to just be test models that are used for sample animations or test projects in UDK. However, the simple approach works and I feel stupid they beat me to it. Had I known I could incorporate laziness into my story and create a fantastic art style out of it, I'd be all over it. Kudos to the team for focusing on design and mechanics over artwork. Instead of looking at suspect character models, I look at neutral enemies so I can focus on the task at hand. It's not something I would have though in a million years would work, but it does. 


Because the entire game is destroying red bad guys, there is some importance on the narrative, and the way it's incorporated into gameplay is quite innovative. It starts as you are a normal guy that just downloaded a game from a file sharing community, which escalates into this singularity that eventually leads you into doing things in the game that effect reality. How it all unfolds combined with the gameplay creates a steady flow and great pacing. The only thing that made me put my controller down was frustration. However the story is extremely short, hence my low price point on the game.


SUPERHOT is a must play, must buy game. You will play something you've never experienced before and for that reason alone it's worth it. I paid $25 for it and don't regret it, however if I could, I would wait for a sale. I will let this montage speak for itself.

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