Saturday, June 17, 2017

Top 10 Most Annoying Wild Pokemon

10. Bronzor

Debuting in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Bronzor is a Psychic/Steel type with a high defense and special defense stat. Sometimes they will have the levitate ability which negates an attack weakness for the steel type (ground types). Most moves will not be effective against Bronzor, and the only types that are effective are fire attacks. The moveset won't do too much damage, but equipped with confuse ray, hypnosis, and future sight wild encounters while training can be painfully long and can cause extensive damage. Run in all cases unless you are training a fire type. 

Bronzor in his native pose

9. Magnemite

This first generation pokemon wasn't so bad when it was just an electric type, but when it gained the steel type it became a different animal. Wielding moves like sonicboom, supersonic, and thunder wave this pokemon can be a nightmare early game when training. Supersonic never seems to fail when wild pokemon use it, and sonicboom takes a fixed 20hp of health away. Thunder Wave is a permanent status changer which will leave you heading back to pokemon centers constantly. When training pokemon between levels 15-25 battles will be long and will leave your party in shambles after only a few encounters.

Magnemite in his naive pose

8. Ghastly

Only found in special areas, they are not common across regions in the pokemon series but are concentrated in certain areas. That being said, they tend to be in areas that have multiple levels with lack of access to pokemon centers without the use of repels or escape ropes. Equipped with mean look, this pokemon has the potential to remove the ability for you to run away. It can then be followed up with the weak lick attack which can cause paralysis. Confuse Ray and Hypnosis always tend to be in the arsenal which cause annoying status changes. Night shade takes away a fixed amount of HP (whatever the level of the user is) so if it wants it can deal some good damage despite your pokemon being resistant to the attack type. 

7. Diglett

A high speed and attack stat, this pokemon has the potential to cause sustained damage after multiple encounters. Arena Trap will make running disabled, so when in tight situations can make things even worse. The aloha region gains the steel type which helps negate the fact that its defense level is low, because it's resistant to previous weaknesses like grass, but gains a weakness to fight types. Also fire moves now deal normal damage. They become abundant in caves, or caves made by diglett, which causes repeated encounters with this annoying pokemon. 

6. Geodude

Found common in all caves and has multiple level ranges. It can usually be defeated with one water or grass type attack due to the rock/ground type combination. However the abiliy called "sturdy" was introduced which does not allow one hit knock out moves on the first hit. Equipped with powerful moves like magnitude or self destruct, this pokemon does not go down without swinging. What should be a quick experience boost, turns into massive damage coming from a pokemon with 1hp left. It usually allows you to escape, so it can be avoided if necessary.  

5. Raticate

Appearing usually later in journeys, this pokemon learns Super Fang and Double Edge. Super fang takes away half of your HP in all cases, so if you don't defeat it in one hit it has the potential to halve our hp if it's in a full state. This can be very annoying while training. It has decent speed, so if you're training a pokemon that has high hp and defense, but low speed, this pokemon can plague you during training sessions. Double Edge is one of the most powerful normal attacks in the game, dealing 120 damage. The only normal attacks higher are Giga Impact and Self Destruct. 

4. Tentacruel

Trying to train your grass type pokemon for the pokemon league while surfing? You'll regret that once you come across a Tentacruel. The Water/Poison type negates the grass weakness, and is equipped with high special defense, speed, and HP. It doesn't have too many great offensive weapons, but has moves that can confuse and poison. When trying to run, it doesn't always allow you to get away, so you'll have to switch to a psychic or electric type to take this one out. Even then, you can find yourself poisoned or confused when your other party pokemon enters the battle because of its speed. 

3. Tentacool

The previous evolution of a Tentacruel, these are far more common and appear when you're at a lower level. More often than not equipped with moves like poison sting and supersonic, they will leave you in a status hell. Poison sting for whatever always seems to cause poison to occur, even though when I use it that never happens. This pokemon is the reason I no longer use grass types to deal with water, I'm exclusively an electric type wielder because of the difficulties of dealing with tentacool in the wild. Electric types take them out in one hit. 

2. Golbat

Golbat starts to appear later in journeys at higher levels in caves. Usually in the cave right before the pokemon league that is filled with the toughest trainers in the game. In later versions of the series it gains attacks like Acrobatics which is the one of the most powerful flying attacks in the game. Also Air cutter which deals critical damage. Confuse Ray and Mean look mean you can't leave the battle and you'll be in a confused state. These pokemon suck if they are in your party, but tend to ruin your training sessions. Training fighting types in caves is ideal to deal with the rock type pokemon, but a Golbat can kill them in one hit with Acrobatics or Air Cutter. Training electric types is not ideal in caves, but is the most effective type to match up with Golbat because of their speed and high special attack. Unfortunately rarely are they first in your party while in caves or where Golbats appear.

1. Zubat

Appearing far more often and much earlier in the game than Golbats, Zubats are the most annoying pokemon in any series. Equipped with supersonic which never seems to fail, and poison sting on top that, you'll find yourself using antidotes or having multiple pokemon poisoned. Zubats are everywhere and constantly appear. They don't become super threatening until they learn Wing Attack which is a decently damaging flying move. When training grass types early game in caves against the rock/ground types, Zubats can kill your groove. Electric types are not common early game to have in your party, giving you few options to deal with Zubats. The slower Rock types are the most common way to deal with the Zubat problem.


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